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2018~ A Fresh Start and a look back

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Looking back at 2017 I am blown away by another amazing year thanks to our dear customers and friends!  Filly Flair would NOT be what it is without YOU ( AND a shoutout to my AMAZING team! (because we all know my girls that make it all happen, is the REAL reason behind our success!)

It’s 2018.  The first day of a new book, a clean page.

Crazy to think another year has flown by already! I have a few things I am really hoping to improve personally over the next year (beyond the million goals and new projects we have up our sleeves at Filly Flair) and I thought I would share my personal goals with you! 

1.Document my life and kids WAY MORE! I put a recap video together of my kids from the past year and bawled my eyes out at how much they have changed.  Each year really does go faster! + with the million changes, we have coming with our new warehouse ect I’ve got to get that content all put together!

2. Become way more aware of how I spend my time.  I am a creative and sort of thrive off chaos, but at this point, I have SO much going on I need to be better about time blocking and really sticking to (actually USING) my google calendar!  I have also gotten a lot better in the last couple months about really sitting down, blocking out distractions, (NOT checking emails every half hour) so I can really focus and get through something.

3. Spend WAY more time with my family! I know this goes hand in hand with #2 and knowing if I time block my work I can make more time with my family!

I am challenging myself to take my kids on more work trips (even though it’s more work!) I know I only have a few years and they will be in school and I won’t have that flexibility with them!

4. Caring less what others think. I used to think I didn’t care, but as I get older I have realized I do hold onto things too long and do care about things that are out of my control. In a world where social media is king, it’s easy to get caught up in making sure things look perfect all the time, (I’ll be honest I have not recorded video/taken pics sometimes because I was too worried about my appearance)

5. Last but certainly not least, spend more time with God.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in hectic schedules and not give any time to him and I am guilty of it almost daily.  Spending more time in His Word, makes everything else in my life easier, the stress, worry, fear, doubts, all subside when he is the priority.  I plan to start my mornings with him (even if it’s for 10 minutes) before I open my computer or do anything else!


No matter what your goals and resolutions are in the next year, I hope I can challenge you to not loose faith in them. We are all human and I know I will have days (maybe weeks) where I might not attain all these goals. BUT  I will keep trying to improve DAILY! After all it takes OVER 66 days to form a new habit. Write them down, put sticky notes on your mirrors! Remind yourself whatever you are trying to attain the only thing worse than messing up is to not try again!

Chears to the next year, and the MILLION things I want to achieve! Thank you again for being awesome customers and friends! I would LOVE to hear your resolutions below!

XO, Laura





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