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Filly Flair’s Back to School DIY

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It’s back to school time for many of our shoppers, and what better way to celebrate than with a little DIY! It’s that time when everyone is rushing out, buying their supplies, clothing, merchandise, and all those extra things they need to make the school year right. We have all been there, drooling over those gorgeous backpacks, hand-embroidered thingamabobs that we just think we need. However, how many people are going to have that same Vera Wang pencil case when you walk into your first day of classes. At least 6, right?

But how many people are going to go out there and make their notebooks fun, fancy, and uniquely theirs? We hope tons more! We’ve created an awesome DIY how-to on creating a fun notebook and pencil case. It’s easy, low cost (because those .70 cent notebooks are what you can use!), and lets you customize it to be just what you want. That’s a win for you, and your family’s pocketbook.

Let’s be honest, next August, you are going to be doing the same thing over again, and if you customize it, you aren’t wasting money that could have went to your closet. So, save money on your back to school supplies by following these easy steps in our awesome infographic.

That way, when you beg your mom to shop at Filly Flair, she’ll be more inclined to let you get both shirts instead of just one. Who wants just one shirt anyways? We know between classes, you’ll want to sneak into the bathroom and change for the seventh time, right?


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