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Filly Flairs First Fashion Show Hits Icon Lounge

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Phew, has it been a crazy week at Filly Flair! On Tuesday evening we celebrated our first Runway Fashion Show for our store’s Grand Opening and we are still catching up on all the little things in the office. It’s exciting and insane to think that in a little over two weeks ouplour storefront in Sioux Falls, South Dakota opens.

Ayla busted her moves with every outfit she came out in. Her smile is contagious!
Brooke modeled {The Perfect Combo Floral Maxi Dress} with ease during the fashion show.

Tuesday night was incredibly successful. We hosted the event at Icon Lounge and the ambience in the room was perfect. We had our team of models all come in to represent the brand and the crowd loved it. It was amazing listening to the cheers for all the different heights, shapes, and sizes of our beautiful models who showed off our clothing. Their personalities shined as they strutted their stuff down the Runway.

Our show was broken up into four different categories, “Maxi Madness,” “Girl’s Night Out,” “Sweet Summertime, Concert Getup,” and “Filly Flair Bridesmaids Collections.” Each Model wore two to three outfits in each collection. The crowd went wild for every outfit.

The fashion show crowd loved our Plus-Sized Model, Amanda. She received the loudest cheers whenever she came out. It makes us proud since we want all women to feel beautiful.

The first of the four categories, “Maxi Madness” came out with a bang. Our Maxi Dresses are everyone’s favorite style and all of the staff has at least two in their wardrobe (and that may be a small estimation). If you don’t own one of our well-known Maxi Dresses, you are missing out! They are elegant, comfortable, dressy and casual all at the same time. The girls did such a great job showing the crowd the diverse ways to wear our Maxi collection.

Our second category, “Girl’s Night Out,” focused on our more dressy collections. We played up the fancier, date night look for those times where the ladies want to look gorgeous and have a night on the town. Whether that be with your man, or your ladies, the dresses we have in our collection can always duo as dressy or casual, but it’s all about having fun and looking fabulous!

Laura, Owner and Mastermind behind Filly Flair, posed at the photo booth with model Bailey. Her summer casual look is one of many styles we have in our Country collection.

Speaking of Fabulous, our “Sweet Summertime, Concert Getup” collection is just that. This section of the show represented the brand’s image and how we started. Looking back, can you believe that our owner, Laura started this brand in her basement selling cowboy boots and belts? The Country theme is close to her heart and our brand will always have that nod to her roots. It’s what makes Filly Flair have that special something.

Bailey in one of our many Bridesmaid gowns during the fashion show. Gorgeous!

Finally, we ended the night with our newest addition, “Filly Flair Bridesmaids Collection.” Laura gave her introduction speech to this section with pride. She has poured her heart and soul into these Bridesmaids looks, exclusively designing many of them with the thinking that You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a gorgeous dress that you can wear for a wedding (and truly again!). What’s great about our newest Bridal Party line is just that. They don’t have to be for a wedding, but they look great next to the blushing Bride.

We are excited to watch Filly Flair grow larger, and our followers and fans are incredibly important to us. Thank you to all of those fans in South Dakota who were able to show up in person. However, we also want to thank those who took advantage of our Live Streaming through the Twitter application Periscope. It was amazing to hear all of the positive and loving feedback. If it weren’t for you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we definitely wouldn’t be going where we want to go tomorrow.

The staff of Filly Flair worked long hours to make our first fashion show a success. Thank you fans for supporting us. We also love our Filly Flair style.

PSST: make sure to watch for our youtube video footage of the show coming soon!

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