Addicted to Swimwear
A Alma Sehovic

Addicted to Swimwear

Jul 15, 2020

Addicted to Swimwear

Hey Filly Flair Fashionistas! We hope you all have had an awesome summertime despite COVID-19 and the social distancing rules in place. I've been trying to make the most out of these gorgeous summer skies and hot sunny days by lounging at my pool and enjoying a few boat days on the lake with my husband, sisters, and their families as well. All of these water-side activities inspired today's fashion blog post to chat about 2020 swimsuit trends and shopping styles for your body type. With these fantastic summer days coming to a close sooner than later, we need to make the most of the remaining sunny days we have left!

Lately, in the fashion community of designers, It Girls, and the latest fashion blogs, there are a few swimsuit trends that have become very apparent. Some trends we've noticed heavily are smocked bardot bikinis and trendy one-piece swimmies that hit you in all of the right spots! Check out some of our favorites available now on Filly Flair's Women's Boutique! You're going to love these styles as they inspire you to enjoy summertime, relax in the cool water, and enjoy the rays of the big beautiful sun!

1. Smocked Bardot Off-Shoulder Bikini Sets

If there's anything trending hard right now in the fashion industry, it's off the shoulder tops, swimsuits, dresses, you name it! If it can be off-the-shoulder, it's totally in. Lately what we see trending for swimwear are these gorgeous smocked bardot tops. Because they're super stretchy, they work really well on all chest sizes and offer plenty of coverage for the modest dresser. The off-shoulder style adds a touch of sexiness to an otherwise conservative look. We love these smocked swimmies because of their versatility and ability to look great on everyone!

Smocked Off Shoulder Swimsuit


2. Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuits

Take the traditional one-piece swimsuit style up a notch with these super flattering and trendy cut out styles. Whether you choose a fit that cuts out your back, side, or stomach, these sexy one-pieces swimmies are perfect for covering areas you don't want to show while accentuating the areas you do want to show! These one-piece swimsuits look great on all body types and can be worn around family and friends. They feature just enough trendy and just enough cover-up to work for mixed company. There's nothing better than a family-friendly swimsuit that still gives you ample style around the pool.

Women's One Piece Cut Out Swimsuits

3. High-Waist Bikinis

The ultimate trend in swimwear for 2020, high-waist swimsuits have taken the fashion community by storm! (really high-waist anything is a huge hit right now) With these swimsuits hitting you in the smallest part of your body right at your waistline, you can accentuate your curves and show off your feminine features in a higher rise bottom. High waist swimsuits come in a variety of styles from super preppy and chic to sexy and cheeky. Whichever style speaks to you, trust that you'll look your best in a swimsuit that works for you. 

High Waist Swimsuits

Well ladies, what do y'all think of today's blog post? Are you loving these styles? Let us know in the comments below which of these styles is your favorite for summer 2020! We can't wait to hear from you. XOXO

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