Binge-Worthy Series to Watch on Netflix
A Alma Sehovic

Binge-Worthy Series to Watch on Netflix

Mar 25, 2020

Binge-Worthy Series to Watch on Netflix

Hey Filly Flair Fashionistas! Does this quarantine have you feeling more frumpy than fashion? We understand. I think we've all found ourselves stuck at home more than we would please. With all of this extra time on our hands, I think it's safe to say we've been watching way more TV than normal. I've been lounging around in my flannel PJ's eating cereal and catching up on the TV shows I promised people months and years ago I would watch. I guess there is one upside to social distancing: you finally get to do all the things you wanted to but never had the time. So for today's blog, we are discussing the best binge-worthy TV shows on Netflix right now so that you can survive this quarantine and pass the time as quickly as possible.

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women's cute plaid pajamas

1. Grey's Anatomy

The first time I watched Grey's Anatomy, I honestly didn't know what to expect. I knew my friends watched it and I had heard the name several times so one day I stumbled across it on Netflix and was hooked by episode 3 season 1! If you've never seen Grey's Anatomy, it took TV by STORM with its dynamic characters, dramatic scenes, and love stories. It's based in a hospital and follows several surgeons throughout their day as you learn their characters, medicine, and patients. This show had my crying REAL tears in almost every episode. It was like an emotional cleanse I needed each time I watched it. I have never watched this show with anyone sitting next to me because I want to be able to ugly cry as necessary! haha! I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to binge Grey's Anatomy if you've never seen it. It's still going to this day, and it's still as relevant as ever.

Grey's Anatomy

2. Love Is Blind

This show is new as a Netflix Original Reality Series where multiple men and women are thrown into "pods" and begin blind dating in hopes of finding their fiance without ever seeing each other. The men and women date for a few weeks only communicating through the walls and speakers of the private pods. Once ready, one or the other proposes to their chosen partner and they get engaged sight unseen where they're then thrown into the real-life dating world and have to get to know each other and survive to their wedding day. This show is a quick and easy binge. You can finish it within a few days and you'll either curse or thank me later! haha!

Love is Blind Netflix Original Series

3. You

This dramatic Netflix Original Series is seen through the perspective of the main character, Joe, and how he obsesses over different women and fights his obsessive and narcissistic desires. Deep down Joe wants to be good, but how long can he go before he goes bad... or worse... kills? With two strong seasons, You has quickly taken Netflix watchers by surprise!

You Netflix Original Series

4. Gossip Girl


This dramatic teen series takes place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NYC and follows around some of the richest high school characters in the city as they live their lives of luxury and exquisite tastes. There is an anonymous blogger called "Gossip Girl" who follows the characters around and publicly shames them for their deepest darkest secrets. This tale of dramatic love plots, evil scheming, and the lure of Gossip Girl makes this show a must-watch for any teen to mid-twenties young adult.

Gossip Girl on Netflix

Alright, Filly Flair Ladies, what do you think of this quick compilation of binge-worthy Netflix TV series? Are you firing your remote up now or are you sticking to your tried and true? Let us know in the comments any other shows you think we should keep our eyes on. Have a great week ladies and stay safe out there during this staycation with COVID-19. XOXO

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