Born to Beanie
A Alma Sehovic

Born to Beanie

Nov 12, 2019

Born to Beanie

Hey Filly Flair Ladies! Are you bundling up for these cold days? I know lately, I've been sleeping in my favorite fleece pajamas and fuzzy socks just to knock some of the chills off! My boyfriend is such a polar bear, so he's living his best life in this colder weather - as for me, I need layers!

When I woke up this morning, I looked outside and saw the most beautiful sparkling grass lit up by the sun. I knew then it was going to be a perfect day! I grabbed one of my favorite go-to neutral sweaters from Filly Flair and paired it with straight-leg jeans and a beanie (it wasn't my best hair day...)

fall beanies women's fashion

On today's blog, we're chatting about BEANIES and how to style them for Fall 2019! My outfit of the day consists of beanie, jeans, cable-knit sweater, and a long drop necklace. This is such a fun and EASY look to recreate. It's super flattering on all body types and keeps you warm all day long. Check out these fall fashion examples below:

View the entire collections of hats/beanies here.

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The go-to look for cute fall style has (and probably always will be) pairing great chunky sweaters with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. This is the time of year where comfort and style have the ultimate mash-up giving you some of the most fun stylings of the year. What do you think of these pairings? Are they worthy of Thanksgiving Day with your family?

sweater and leggings outfit

What I really love about pairing cute beanies with oversized neutral sweaters is that you can look back in years at photos of you and your friends and still love the outfit you have on in the pics! It's classic, timeless, and best of all: comfortable.

fall ootd

As for the beanies, have you ever really felt the wonderful warm joy that is a beanie? The first time I wore one I felt like I had just discovered the secret to fall/winter fashion. I was honestly hooked immediately! There are so many different beanie styles from neutral to striped to one with a fuzzy little ball on the top (personally my favorite haha) They make the best accessories for bad hair days! There's no need to fret about flat/greasy hair when you can throw on a beanie and look adorable in the process! I'm actually wearing one of my favorite beanies right now, and to be honest... it was an excellent decision.

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What are your favorite kinds of beanies? Let us know in the comments below! As always, we appreciate you checking out our blog and staying loyal to the Filly Flair Family! We are nothing without our customers so from the bottoms of our hearts, we say thank you and wish you the happiest and safest holidays you've ever had! You deserve it!

Are there any blog topics you would like us to write about in the future? Let us know in the comments as well! We'll see you in a few days, ladies!


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