February 10, 2020

Dressing for a Country Spring Wedding

Hey, Filly Flair fashionistas! Today I have love on the brain because I just received my best friend's wedding invitation! I woke up this morning and the sun was shining. I had this giddiness inside of me like I just knew it was going to be a great day, and when I checked the mail... BOOM! There it was: the wedding invitation I've been waiting to receive! This time of year is full of weddings and young love. I’m sure all of the typical wedding venues are booked solid! Today on the blog, we’re going to chat about what to wear to a spring wedding so that you look great, are dressed appropriately, and are comfortable enough to enjoy yourself all night long!

Receiving the invitation this morning really got me thinking about what I plan on wearing to her wedding. It’s a semi-formal rustic country theme. I’m expecting to see men in nice jeans and women in nice dresses - possibly even cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Who knows! The location is on a beautiful farm and the wedding is set to be outdoors. The colors they chose are a beautiful mix of pink, green, and cream in pastel hues - just in time for spring! I'm expecting lots of wildflowers and baby's breaths to detail out areas of the venue. With a theme that gorgeous, I know I have to find just the right dress to wear.

Below you'll see that I've picked three beautiful dresses. They are a mix between semi-formal and formal so I'll need YOUR HELP deciding which one is the perfect dress to wear.

1. Spring Formal Gowns:

These gorgeous spring gowns are perfect for a fancy outdoor wedding. You'll see that they're flowy which allows room for hips and dancing all night long. They're lighter, spring colors that are perfect for the time of the year, and they're solid colors so they won't be busy against floral backgrounds. Which of these 3 is your favorite?

bridesmaid maxi dresses

2. Semi-Formal Printed Maxi Dresses:

In this next collage, you'll see I grouped together three printed maxi dresses that are great for a spring wedding! Again, these are all loosely fitting for comfort and can be paired with cowboy boots or flat booties if it's still a chillier spring day. The prints on the dresses are casual but still really beautiful and elegant for a country spring wedding. If I choose to go more semi-formal, any of these dresses would make great options. Which of these boutique dresses are you liking the most?

boutique printed maxi dresses

Alright Filly Flair Ladies, I'm going to leave the voting up to you! Let me know below in the comments which dress you think I should wear to my best friend's wedding! It's right around the corner so start thinking about what you think would be the most appropriate and comfortable for a night of dancing with friends, family, and potentially my future husband.

What did you think of today's blog post? Have any suggestions for next week? Let me know below in the comments. Have a great week, ladies! Stay safe out there! 

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