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Sep 24, 2020


As you know, it’s finally Autumn, and we are so excited! The only issue? Dull skin. Missing those sun-kissed days on the beach spent soaking up the rays and sipping on frozen drinks? Us too!

As it gets colder out and the nights grow longer, making our time in the sun scarce, our skin becomes dry and dull. This is the one downside to the coziness of Autumn. It’s always sad to see our sun-kissed glowy skin from summer days fade away. If you struggle with this, as many do- let us brighten your day with some good news!

Did you know that Filly Flair has our own line of self-tanning products? That’s right! We have more to offer than just the best of trending fashion. We believe looking good starts with feeling good!

At Filly Flair, we have our own beautiful line of FARMER TAN self tanning mousses, sprays, and oils! Our products are easy to apply and they produce a very natural-looking and even all-over glow. So, you don’t have to worry about those horrible Farmers Tans, am I right? Pesky Farmer Tans are no fun!

Our Farmers Tan Self Tanning Drops are an amazing way for you to stay feeling your best throughout the colder, darker months! You can add a couple of drops to your usual skincare products for a nice even luminous look even in the middle of December. Everyone will be saying “You Glow, Glenn Coco!”

If you feel intimidated, don’t worry. There are only 3 easy steps to achieving this fresh look!
Step 1
Gently clean & exfoliate your skin! Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying.
Step 2
⦁ Mix 2-4 drops to your moisturizer or oil and apply evenly to face and neck.
⦁ Mix 4-6 drops per body part to your moisturizer and apply in circular motions using a Tanning Mitt. (add an extra drop to get that perfect skin color)
Step 3
Always, make sure to wash hands thoroughly after use!FARMERS TAN SELF TAN MEDIUM BRONZING MOUSSE BY FILLY FLAIR

If cabin fever starts to set in and you miss the rays and the warmth of the beach, just toss some of our tanning products in your cart and have a little Self Care Party. You deserve it! There’s no reason anyone has to suffer from a bad case of the farmers tan.

Of course, if you are spending time outdoors, make sure to use sunscreen even on days that are not particularly sunny such as those with overcast skies. Always take care of your skin and avoid harmful UV rays! How do you plan on spending the last week of September? Let us know in the comment section below- we love hearing from you!

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Stay Well, and Stay Glowing

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