Going from Day to Night
A Alma Sehovic

Going from Day to Night

Jun 4, 2020

Going from Day to Night

Hey Filly Flair ladies! Welcome back to our fashion blog where we chat about our favorite style trends and explore new and exciting ways to style pieces together and challenge the fashion norms! Today's blog is about styling your look so you can go from day to night effortlessly with a few quick accessory changes! All of the pieces in today's blog post are great for a summer lunch date or night out with your bae. I'm a big fan looking your best no matter what, which is why today's fashion blog topic is so passionate for me.

Whether I'm heading for groceries or a family dinner, I really go out of my way to look put together and well dressed. I make it my life goal that I get complimented on my look at least once while I'm out. I decided at age 19 that I had a brand and wanted people to think of and picture me in a certain. That's when my obsession with fashion began. No one is going to catch me in an over-sized t-shirt and gym shorts while ducking through the aisles at Walmart! So stay tuned ladies because some gorgeous women's boutique fashion follows below. Let us know what you think of these looks. Drop us a comment with your favorite pieces and how you would style them.

1. Poppy Red Summer Dresses and Striped Midis

Summertime is all about the classic sundress! But what exactly entails a sundress? Any dress that you can comfortably wear out during the hot summer days makes a great sundress. These maxi and midi versions are perfect to show off your beautiful shoulders, long neck, and feminine curves. We love that these pieces can easily be worn with limited boutique accessories for a day time look or totally dressed up with your favorite jewelry, stylish heels, and a chic bag. The sky is the limit!

poppy red summer sun dresses

2. Blue Hues and Stripes: Dresses and Jumpers for Women

We are loving this combination of blue tones paired with simple stripes to give your body length and timeless style! All 3 of these must-have summer styles are a gorgeous way to showcase your curves, survive scorching hot days, and still look fabulous while doing so. Pair these looks with a fun kimono and funky accessories for a look that can easily transition from day to night!

blue striped summer outfit ideas

3. Red and Maroon Printed Dresses and Jumper

Sometimes the best way to stand out in the crowd is through color which is why we absolutely love these three stunning Filly Flair new arrivals that are perfect for summertime fashion. The lightweight fabrics are an absolute dream during these next hot summer months. With fun prints like these, who cares that it's 100 degrees outside! The world is your runway so rock those bold prints and billowy fabrics.

red printed dresses and rompers

Okay Filly Flair Ladies, what do you think of these gorgeous looks? Are they everything you want to see yourself wearing in the coming months? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites! Have a great weekend! XOXO

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