Happy Easter Weekend
A Alma Sehovic

Happy Easter Weekend

Apr 9, 2020

Happy Easter Weekend


We know this year, for many, Easter looks and feels a lot different than normal. What is usually a weekend full of extended family, Easter egg hunts, spring dresses, and deviled eggs (at least in my family) has turned into social distancing and facetime dates with your family. How have you been holding up with these social distancing protocols? Are you enjoying the solitude or are you starting to go a little stir crazy? Do you still plan to see your family this Easter or are you staying in your home until it's safe again?

Every year for Easter we always have these awesome Easter eggs hunts. The kids tear through the yard searching for special Easter eggs stuffed with money and candy. The adults then get their very own Easter egg hunt where we spend the next hour running and fighting over our own Easter eggs filled with money and mini shots like whiskey and vodka. We always team up for this extremely competitive Adult Easter Egg Hunt and there's always fun to be had. I'm really going to miss it this year!

On today's blog, I wanted to chat about Easter dresses and what I plan to wear even though I won't be around my family this year. I had the most beautiful Filly Flair dress picked out featuring an a-line pleated silhouette with pink flowers and a modest neckline. It was absolutely perfect for Easter pictures and seeing our favorite extended family. Even though I won't be able to wear this gorgeous dress around my family this year, I still plan to put it on this Easter Sunday and enjoy this special holiday in my apartment alone. Maybe I can even stage some Easter photos and send to all of my family. That would be fun!

1. Colorful Easter Dresses

This first batch of Women's Easter dresses feature gorgeous spring colors and patterns. I'm loving the bright orange that welcomes warmer weather and the promise of the future. The white floral dress (left) is my Easter dress that I picked out and cannot wait to wear this Sunday! The soft pink floral patterned dress with modest design and silhouette is another great option to wear around family.
Floral Easter Dresses for Women

2. Neutral Easter Dresses

This next selection of dresses feature a more neutral color palette like creamy beige, soft ivory, and a muted black floral print. The white maxi is beautiful with its tiered layers and causal straps. I'm also seriously loving this black floral print maxi with the tie up straps. Little bow details always make a difference!
Neutral Easter Dresses

3. Navy and Coral Spring Fashion

This third selection of Easter appropriate styles features two different gorgeous navy and coral prints. You could layer the kimono as is like the picture or over a neutral colored dress like in the middle. The navy floral maxi dress is a modest girl's dream come true as well.
navy and coral women's fashion

Which of these are you liking best, ladies? Plan to add any to your closet? Let us know in the comments. Have a great Easter weekend. XOXO

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