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Oct 1, 2020


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October is finally here, and we are so thrilled that Filly Flair has a beautiful brand new selection of fall necessities to browse!

Just for kicks, we thought it would be fun to talk about our FALL FAVES including October’s New Releases and provide a fun little checklist as a handy guide for the perfect fall day.

Let’s dive in, but first, grab your PSL!

The Perfect Fall Day:

Morning Coffee

It’s not the perfect morning without the perfect cup of joe! How else could you get all the other fall-tastic things done? Start by grabbing a fall-flavored latte or brewed cup at your local cafe or making a cup at home in your favorite mug. This step is best with a friend!

Ultimate Fall Outfit

Of course, you need the proper attire! Check our Fall Faves for inspiration on what to wear. We have a brand-new selection of long sleeve cardigans to keep you cozy all fall long with trendy layered looks, including our new, gorgeous Sunday Family Dinner Flannel Top.

Fall Flowers

Nothing quite says fall like a lovely bouquet of fall fauna! The ultimate bouquet is not complete without lilies, mums, roses, and flowering kale-- anything gold, maroon, deep purples, and orange. Visit your local flower shop or nursery to create a beautiful vase of fall flowers for your home or as a gift!

Apple Orchard

Picking apples in a flannel shirt, carrying a wicker basket… sounds like an autumn dream of blissfulness! Apple picking is a time-honored tradition that happily ends with a baked apple pie. Yum!

Lunch Break

Lunch time, y’all! After all that apple picking, you may work up an appetite! This is the perfect time for a hot and hearty fall soup. On a gorgeous and chilly fall day, to keep the autumn vibes rolling in, I love a good squash and pumpkin soup with a side of toasted French bread. Anyone else hungry?

Walk among the trees

It’s that lovely and magical time of year again where the trees go from bright green to red and golden all around. Your perfect autumn day is not complete without a foliage walk. For this, you may want to have a quick wardrobe change! For this occasion we recommend our “Let’s go for a stroll” lace-up wedges in grey. These shoes feel like you’re walking on cloud nine! For this look, consider a pair of comfortable denim pants and a hoodie for a laid-back Fall Evening style.

Pick a Pumpkin

You didn’t think we’d forget about pumpkins, did you? Of course not! To end the night, it’s time to pick the best pumpkin. If you are lucky enough to have a local pumpkin patch nearby, by all means go there! For some, this may mean a farmer’s market or a local grocery store. Wherever you can find a big round orange gourd- go there! It is tradition to leave a jack-o-lantern outside your doorstep to ward off unwanted spirits. Although this is just superstition, it is still loads of messy fun to end the perfect fall night! Put on “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and bake some cookies for the closing scene.


Don’t forget, you can pre-order our Pumpkin Face Jack-O-Lantern Hoodie now for that perfect fall day. Click HERE to snag yours!


Happy October, everyone! Stay Safe & always On-Trend.

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