How to Pack for a Girl's Trip
A Alma Sehovic

How to Pack for a Girl's Trip

Jan 23, 2020

How to Pack for a Girl's Trip

Good evening Filly Flair ladies! How has your New Year been so far? My new year has been really beautiful with promises of new opportunities and new friendships. So far, it has not let me down! I actually have a whole weekend trip planned out to Gatlinburg, TN this weekend with some of my favorite ladies. You know what that means right? I have to get ready by packing my entire closet so I have plenty of outfit changes for the weekend!

My friends and I are at such good places in our lives lately. We're young enough to still break away and stay out late, but we're old enough to have the wisdom to know which late-night adventures are a bad idea. It's the perfect time in our lives to go out and make new memories and indulge in a much-needed girl's weekend.

To prepare for the journey, I laid out all of the possible outfits I would need for a weekend of pictures, adventures, and memories with my girls! Firstly, I knew I would need outfits to wear around the town exploring and taking pics with my besties. Secondly, I knew I would need at least one dressy outfit for when my friends and I went out at night for dinner and drinks. Lastly, I knew I would need comfortable loungewear for traveling in the car from Sioux Falls to Gatlinburg and all the way back! Check out my Filly Flair outfit selections below:

1. Casual Street Wear

I'm loving this first look I was able to put together. It features a gorgeous tie-dye print loose top and casual medium-wash jeans. The low heeled lace-up sandals are perfect for frolicking to streets of Gatlinburg! It's the perfect look for a day of pictures and adventure. What do you think of this cute look?
casual women's outfit

2. Girl's Night Out

For my second outfit, I focused on finding something I could wear all night without being uncomfortable. I was able to settle on this gorgeous brown printed jumpsuit paired with sleek strappy black heels. This look is a great substitute for bodycon dresses that most women gravitate towards when hanging with their ladies at night. If bodycon dresses aren't for you, opt for a jumpsuit! They fancy and comfy - the perfect combination!
girls night out outfit

3. Comfy Car Ride

For hours long trips, I always try to dress as comfortably as possible. Check out how I paired this look: a navy blue long flowy tank paired with light wash denim jeans and an ivory striped cardigan. This look with a perfect pair of booties is the perfect look for day-time traveling and road trips. What do you think of this outfit?
casual everyday outfit

Well ladies, as always, it was great writing for yall today! Let me know what you all think about this blog post and if you have any suggestions for blog post topics in the future! Yall have a great weekend and stay safe out there! Talk to yall next week! XOXO

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