How to Style Basics
A Alma Sehovic

How to Style Basics

Dec 5, 2019

Basics: Everyone Has to Have Them

Hi, my loves! I have missed you all these past couple of days! I have been running around like crazy getting ready for Christmas, and somehow I'm still not finished with all of the decorations! #sendHELP! Because my schedule has been so crazy this past week, I really got inspired to do a blog on basics. Today we are going to learn what basic styling pieces are, what you should have, and why they're important. They really go a long way through your styling process, and I think it's important to have plenty of good basics on hand whenever you need them!

What are basics?

Basic styling pieces include plain t-shirts, bralettes, simple dresses or sweaters, etc. Essentially, your basics include everything you need to put your basic outfit together. Basics typically don't feature any kind of print or special detailing - their purpose is to be basic so that you can dress them up with accessories and fly around the town like I've been doing all week! There are no frills when it comes to basics.

lace bralettes

Which basics should you own?

Everyone needs a great bralette, for starters. They pair so perfectly with off the shoulder or backless sweaters. It's an important undergarment for your styling needs.

A couple of basics tee's in varying colors are always helpful as well! I recommend starting with neutral colors so that you can style more easily as you go. Look for colors like ivory, black, charcoal, and oatmeal. These will get you through all seasons with no problems.

basic tees fall 2020
Basic cardigans and sweaters are excellent styling pieces to own during the cooler months! They can quickly tone down loud prints or just add a little extra warmth to knock some of the chills off. In general, they're super helpful while styling!

sweaters and cardigans


Why are basics important?

Without basic styling pieces, you rely too heavily on having to buy full outfits each time you shop (which can be fun, but let's be practical!) Having basic pieces ensures you can mix and match your closet around to it's fullest potential! It really goes a long way to be able to wear one top 10 different ways just because of its diversity. Once you invest in some great basics, you'll be surprised how often you wear them!

basic leggings

Alright, Filly Flair Ladies, what do you think about styling basics? Are there any pieces you would seriously love to own? What about pieces you already have that are tried and true? I want to know in the comments below! I know, personally, I would not survive without my basic tees and soft fleece leggings. They are the true MVPs when it comes to styling on the go!

Let's chat next week on the blog, ladies! If there are ever any blog topics you would like us to write about, just leave a suggestion in the comments! We are more than happy to take suggestions. Have a great weekend ladies, and happy holidays! The season is still young but somehow it feels like it's flying by! Happy holidays, and stay merry!


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