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September 28, 2020


Can you believe it? It’s almost October, and that means trying to balance the fun of Halloween parties and the safety of social distancing. It goes without saying that the child in all of us misses trick-or-treating and hayrides and pumpkin patches and bonfires and costume parties more than ever. Today we are talking about creative, fun, and safe Halloween Party Ideas!

If you are stuck trying to come up with a fun Harvest or Halloween party idea that can still be exciting during the “new normal,” we have curated a list of wonderful ideas for the whole family to try, including children of any age. Before we dive in, remember to check the guidelines in your state for social gatherings.

Drive-Thru Movie: Casper, Monster House, Hocus Pocus, etc.

A Drive Thru Movie is a great way to spread the festive spirit in a super safe way! All it takes is a back yard, a USB or Bluetooth movie projector, and the best Halloween movies! Take an online poll on your event page to get an idea of everyone’s favorite movie. Remember to keep things age-appropriate.

Trunk Or Treat

Who Doesn’t Love a Trunk-Or-Treat? This year, keep a recommended 6 to 10 feet away from the children and remember to have hand sanitizer at every trunk. This one may be more difficult, depending on the rules in your city!

Facebook Live Costume Contest

Have a Live Facebook or Instagram Halloween Costume Contest! This one is easy, and 100% SAFE. Check out our post on Easy Halloween Costumes and check out our NEW Halloween and Fall Themed Graphic Tees and Seasonal Apparel

Virtual Halloween Games: Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, etc.

Who doesn’t LOVE Party Games? It is very easy to pull off these classic party games and turn them Halloween Themed. You can play any of these suggested games online or at home in small spaced-out groups. Remember to check your state’s individual safety guidelines.

Themed Laser Tag: Star Wars, Ghost Busters, etc.

Themed Laser Tag is so much fun and requires no contact! Have your family dress up in a group costume and spend some quality time together this Halloween.

Halloween Trivia

Halloween Trivia is a fantastic way to have a blast this holiday with tons of people without having to physically be together! Simply have an online viewing party with Family via ZOOM or Facebook or Instagram. Trivia is tons of fun, and you can always have eGift Cards as rewards!

Just because things are different this year doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the holidays and to spend quality time with one another. Let us know if you try any of these ideas! If you have any unique party ideas that you would love to share, please let us know in the provided comment section!

We hope you have an amazing Fall weekend, and we can’t wait to see you again next blog.

Stay Well and Stay Safe

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