How To Wear A Bralette
A Alma Sehovic

How To Wear A Bralette

Nov 3, 2019

How to Wear a Bralette

Can you believe it's snowing today? I absolutely love seeing the snow dance down and cover the front yard in a blanket of glistening white powder. This morning the first thing I did when I woke up was look out the window of my bedroom and appreciate the gentle flurries! It always makes me smile to see the sun shining and the snow falling. What a beautiful sight! I then went downstairs, made some hot tea, and began my normal workday flow.

Because of all this snow, you know what that means right? It's sweater season, Filly Flair Ladies, which means we all get to ditch the underwire and uncomfortable bras in favor of stretchy lace bralettes! I don't know if it's just me, but I really feel like this is one of the best times of the year! No one likes to be confined to a bra all day long, but with lacy bralettes, you'll be able to rock your favorite backless sweaters in style with just a small peepshow in the back. Apologies to your father later 😉

fall 2019 style

Let's dive into some fall colors and what types of bralettes you can expect to find on the Filly Flair site! All of our lace bralettes can be found in our basics collection because they're the perfect basics to layer under light sweaters and tops. Some of the most on-trend fall colors right now are rust, oatmeal, and charcoal. Do you want to hear the best part yet? We have ALL of those colors available in bralettes RIGHT. NOW. Fall/Winter is all about staying as cozy and warm as possible. Let's do just that, but in style with layering pieces like bralettes and sweaters! You can thank us later when the compliments start raining down on your fabulous style!

lace fall bralettes

Now that we've discussed on-trend fall colors for 2019, let's dive into how to style bralettes so that you can incorporate them into your outfit of the day! The obvious go-to styling option for bralettes would be layered under an off the shoulder or backless sweater. We love this look paired with a scarf and fabulous booties. You can't go wrong with all of these styling pieces put together.

turtleneck chunky sweater

The next bralette styling we're loving is high-waisted joggers, a bralette, and a cool jacket layered over everything. This gives you an edgier vibe. You can pair this look with combat boots or pointed toe heels. Dress it up or down depending on how you're feeling for the day!

joggers and bralette style

How do you like to wear your bralettes? What are your favorite outfit pairings for the fall and winter? Let us know in the comments below! Like always, if there's anything you want us to write about on the blog just let us know! We love getting your feedback so that we can all grow as fashionistas together!

Have a great week, Filly Flair babes! Yall are what makes us so great! Catch you on the next blog!


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