On the Move: Casual Layers
A Alma Sehovic

On the Move: Casual Layers

Jan 16, 2020

On the Move: Casual Layers

How are we doing today, ladies? I have been crazy busy lately and it has me darting all over town, it seems like. When life gets hectic it's easy to throw your style to the side and dart out the front door. I've been guilty of it myself a time or two, but when I caught myself falling into that pattern I was disappointed in myself. I had to remind myself how important dressing your self well really is. It improves your confidence which then improves your work performance and how you treat people around you. Dressing well is not about the outer superficial layer, it's about improving our inner mood which in turn positively impacts every other aspect of our lives. Think about days when you're dressed well... Don't you just feel an energy flowing through you? When you're proud of style and appearance it shows. It's important to keep that energy going all 2020!

Today on the blog, I really want to chat about how to style pieces together that you can throw on for hectic days, while still feeling your best. Today's blog post features a lot of sweaters, graphic tees, jeans, and casual shoes. (To be honest, is there anything better?) Check out the styles below and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

1. Warm and Cozy

Our first look features a gorgeous and thick grey sweater paired with dark wash ripped skinny jeans and brown knee-high boots. This entire outfit can be worn all day long, and you would never feel underdressed. You could even rock a messy bun to top it all off. Why does this outfit work so well? The dark classic skinny jeans paired with the lighter casual oversized sweater is a good balance between color and fit of each piece. The oversized sweater is balanced by the skinny jeans, and then the brown boots come to play with another level of color amongst all of the neutrals. These neutrals pair together really well.

boutique sweater outfit

2. Graphic Tees and Ripped Jeans

Our second look showcases graphic band style tees and ripped jeans for a look that is casual but a little edgy. Pair with fun tennis shoes and a classic girly bralette to show you can rock casual wear in style. This is a look you can wear all day long and never get tired of it. Why it works: The casual and edgy band style graphic tee pairs perfectly with the ripped skinny jeans. The acid-washed jacket also pairs nicely with the edgy theme while still looking well style. My favorite finishing touch are the leopard print tennies that are unpredictable, but also somehow the perfect accessory.

rock band outfit
styling graphic tees

3. Tie-Dye Sweaters

There is nothing new about tie-dye, but we are glad it's still on-trend and here to stay! We all have at some point tie-dyed something and probably even have fond memories of doing so. These tie-dye sweaters are a perfect way to call attention upwards towards your face with the busy print and vibrant colors. You could pair these sweaters with jeans or en edgy skirt to pull the whole outfit together.

tie dye boutique sweaters

What do you think of these casual everyday looks? Are you loving them or hating them? Let us know in the comments! If there are any blog topics you would like for us to write about in the future, let us know those as well! As always ladies, have a great week and enjoy your weekend!


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