Operation Christmas Child
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Operation Christmas Child

Dec 9, 2019
Operation Christmas Child
Hey Filly Flair Ladies! Welcome back to the blog where we talk about all things fashion-related! This morning I woke up in the mood to give back a little. With Black Friday and all of the great Christmas specials, I've been spending money on myself like crazy. It's time to give back, and what better charity than Operation Christmas Child?!

Today on the blog I wanted to spotlight the generosity of Filly Flair and the team. It's easy for businesses to get wrapped up and bogged down by the Christmas rush, but the Filly Flair team took time and money out of their busy lives to give back to needy children this Christmas season! Check out the pictures below to see what they got together!

Everyone from Filly Flair gathered at Walmart in order to create their individual perfect Christmas Shoebox. As a team, Filly Flair was able to donate 96 boxes to Operation Christmas Child! WOW!

operation christmas child - filly flair team

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is a national charity organization that collects millions of shoeboxes for needy children in 100s of countries. These shoeboxes are stuffed with toys and essential supplies that these children don't have access to on their own. Once the boxes are packed and wrapped, they then make their journey across the United States into 100s of countries and little grateful hands.

operation christmas child shoebox
Although Operation Christmas Child is not meant to meet children's physical needs, it is an opportunity for people to meet the spiritual needs of children in their communities. Receiving an unexpected gift brings joy and great energy into the life of the child! All shoeboxes are given away free in the name of Jesus.

christmas giving to needy children

How can you get involved?

Operation Christmas Child has volunteers who work all year long to promote the organization. In September, they will be accepting new volunteers at local processing centers. You can view their long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities on their site!

Is it too late to participate?

Absolutely not! You can build your own shoebox online and include a photo and letter from your family to the child who receives your gift. Simply build a shoebox online for only $25. Operation Christmas Child will handle the rest!

What would you put into your shoebox? I know for me, I put in a cute unicorn stuffed animal, a toothbrush, other small toys, and some playing cards. I then wrapped up the box with beautiful wrapping paper and dropped it off at my local processing center. I know this gift will make a difference in a child's life and that makes the expense absolutely worth it! Nothing makes you feel more loved and thought about than an unexpected gift. I really hope these children have a beautiful Christmas.

Well Filly Flair ladies, thank you for stopping in today to read our blog on Operation Christmas Child! We would be nothing without the loyalty of our readers! We'll catch you in a few days on the next blog post! Merry Christmas!

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