Our Favorite Gym Clothes
A Alma Sehovic

Our Favorite Gym Clothes

May 28, 2020

Our Favorite Gym Clothes

Hey Filly Flair Fitness Fashionistas! How has your week been going? I've been at home still working during #Quarantine2020 trying to stay sane surrounded by these same walls. What's been helping my sanity is that I'm able to work out from home with some of favorite YouTube trainers! I can always break out a good sweat and keep my body strong despite the serious reduction in activity since working from home these past few months. For today's fashion and style blog I've carefully curated a collection of my favorite tried and true work out gear from Filly Flair! These staple pieces get me through my workouts in comfort, style, and support.

 1. Women's Stylish Sports Bras

I have so many sports bras in my collection of gym clothes, it's hard sometimes to choose which one I want to wear for the day. I usually stop and ask myself what type of workout I plan to do for the day. If my routine is going to be more robust with jumping and cardio then I opt for a racer-back traditional sports bra (in fun colors of course!) If I plan to do light yoga and vigorous stretching then I may choose the more stylish one-shoulder design and even sneak in a few pics for insta! Regardless of the style I choose, I always feel supported and secure with my Filly Flair workout gear.

sports bra for women

2. Women's Biker Gym Shorts

I really love our selection of biker shorts at Filly Flair. They are perfect for my body type because my hips are too wide to comfortably wear shorter gym shorts (it's like my thighs just eat them and I'm constantly pulling them down. TMI?) so with these super stretchy biker style gym shorts, I'm able to enjoy the breeze and expose my legs without constantly worrying about my shorts riding up. If you struggle with shorts riding up as well, check these out! They're excellent and give you a very free range of movement.

women's biker gym shorts

3. Women's Stretch Workout Leggings

For ladies who want full coverage, but plenty of stretch and range of movement, our Filly Flair gym leggings are perfect to get you through your workout! Totally squat proof and perfect for running, yoga, or weight training you'll get your workout in with style and grace! We love the ombre tones of the blue and green leggings. We even have matching sports bras for those beauties too! Nothing is more ready for the 'gram than a matching gym set so throw on your favorite gym gear and get your perfect lifestyle shot.

women's squat proof leggings

Just because we're stuck at home during COVID-19, it doesn't mean we have to be slugs! There are plenty of ways to work out while social distancing. Turn on YouTube and find some cool channels to follow that will inspire you and help you to stay strong and keep your body healthy. The sky's the limit when it comes to online workout programs. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below! Have a great week Filly Flair Ladies! XOXO

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