Shine On for Swimsuit Season
A Alma Sehovic

Shine On for Swimsuit Season

Apr 29, 2020

Shine On for Swimsuit Season

Hey, Filly Flair ladies, guess what time it is? It's finally the time of the year that the weather is getting warm and beach days, family pool parties, and lake BBQs are on the horizon. This is truly my favorite time of the year because I absolutely love the scorching sun! I love the feeling of the sun baking down onto my skin, and I obsess over the feeling of humid warm air when I walk out of my home. Because of my obsession with summertime, today's blog post is all about Filly Flair's latest swimwear drop, and what each style says about you.


1. The Sensual One-Piece Swimsuit

For our first look we're going to talk about the sensual one piece swimsuit.This first black one piece swimsuit is a super sophisticated, yet sexy way, to show off your body by having the midriff exposed, but still technically being a one-piece style. What we love about this is that it's perfect for women of all body types. Because of the way the high-waist bottom hits of the smallest part of your waist, this style really brings out your natural womanly curves. This is is a great look for a more conservative woman who wants to add a little bit of sex appeal without being in anything to teeny tiny.

Calling all hot moms: this chic black one piece swimsuit is great for moms who want to be conservative around their children, but also still feel beautiful. This next swimsuit features a beautiful cheetah print style in a one-piece silhouette that doesn't come up too high on the hips and is perfect to be a little bit more conservative while still making a statement. Animal print is the new neutral, so if you're not into wild and bold prints or large colorful florals during the summer and spring, an animal print swimsuit is a great alternative. On the right you'll see a lace up red one piece swimsuit which is just enough sexy while still being conservative around your friends and your family. This is an excellent choice for women who want to show off the goods without giving it all away.

classic one piece swimsuits

2. Vibrant Printed Swimsuits

For the next selection of swimsuits we are going to talk about these gorgeous printed styles with fun details like ruffles and tassels. These fun floral swimsuit designs are the perfect way to express your personality and really invoke the spirit of summer. I'm really loving the tassel fringe along the first printed two piece swimsuit. These Bohemian details are so fun and bring a lot of energy to your style. For the second swimsuit in the middle featuring a blue and pink printed one-piece, this style gives you a conservative silhouette while still featuring a bold print which shows everybody that you are the center of attention and still in charge. On the right we have another two piece swimsuit featuring ruffle details and a green floral print.This suit has a lower rise bottom which can be a fun and flirty way to show off your personal style.

printed swimsuits for women

3. Flirty Swimsuit Cover-ups

The next feature of our blog is swimsuit cover ups.There are so many ways that you can incorporate a swimsuit cover up that still looks fashionable, trendy, and youthful. On the left is a gorgeous slightly sheer cover up featuring a cheetah print trim. This is great for the more conservative woman that wants to enjoy spending time around the pool or at the beach without letting it all hang out.The next two swimsuit cover-ups are great ways to still show off your swimwear while also covering your bottom. For a lot of women, the part of their body that they're most insecure about is their backside. So by having a really gorgeous cover-up that covers your full bottom and the backs of your thighs, you can enjoy hanging poolside without feeling insecure or uncomfortable in your skin.

women's swimsuit coverups

Now if there's one thing that I preach over and over again, ladies, it is that your body is your body, and you should be completely comfortable and in love with yourself. You don't need a swimsuit cover up to feel beautiful. but if using a swimsuit cover-up gives you that little extra edge or the little bit of confidence that allow you to truly relax and enjoy yourself around your friends and family, then I say go for it.The truth of the matter is, we are all her own worst critics so any little flaw that you think you may have, the chances of anyone else noticing that tiny flaw is there are so few and far between. So get in front of the mirror, love yourself, and make this the best summer of your life!

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