Striped Sweaters
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Striped Sweaters

Oct 26, 2019

On Trend Fall 2019: Striped Sweaters

Hey Ladies!
Today on the blog let's chat about my favorite fashion trend right now: striped sweaters! These comfy staple wardrobe pieces are a huge necessity for these colder months because they come in so many styles and color options. You'll never get tired of this fall 2019 fashion trend because there are so many ways to style them for this cold season! Keep reading to learn how we've paired some of our very favorite striped sweaters!

So let's start with the most predictable: Jeans and a Striped Sweater!

fall 2019 striped sweater
This is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Pairing sweaters and jeans has long been a fashion favorite, especially in the fall/winter months. It's truly an effortless look that works on all body types. This look is extremely easy to throw on and head out the door with a messy bun and cute purse. You'll feel stylish and comfortable all day long in this look!
Here you can see we chose brighter colors and toned them down with a classic dark blue jean. This pairing ensures you're ready for the colder months without letting go of your natural vibrancy and energy. You can also pull off a similar vibe by using printed stripe sweaters! Check out our full collection of sweaters here!
printed striped sweater
If your mood or personality isn't quite as vibrant and bold, we are also obsessing over striped neutrals for a sophisticated look that keeps you warm and cozy all day long. Pairing neutral colors like black, brown, grey, cream and oatmeal with your favorite pair of jeans is a super simple way to pull off a look that's worthy of Instagram. Can you say #ootd? Check out our full collection of pants, skirts, and jeans to pair with all of your sweaters!
neutral striped sherpa sweaters
So ladies, which is your favorite look and why? Let us know in the comments! Also if there are any blog topic ideas you would like us to write about, drop them below in the comments as well.
The weather is getting colder but that doesn't mean your style has to disappear! Fall/Winter is one of my favorite seasons because of the layering, so get excited ladies! Pull out your scarves, sweaters, leggings, and jeans to get your wardrobe cranked up for this chilly season!
As always ladies, we hope you have a fabulous weekend. Stop by our socials and say HEY soon!

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