Sweater Guide
L Laura Benson

Sweater Guide

Oct 5, 2018

Some are itchy, some are cozy. Few are tight and some can swallow you whole.
Underneath these thick loops of wool, cotton and synthetic fibers lie styling secrets that we can’t let you miss out on. Sweaters don’t need to be reserved for just cozy days inside, with these tricks we’ll prove how to dress them up and down!

From Baggy to Beauty

The classic sweater can often look bulky and unstyled. Instead of looking like you just crawled out of bed, try just adding a few extra touches to improve your cozy look. A simple solution for a majority of clothing dilemmas is incorporating tight pieces with loose and vise versa. Let your favorite long and baggy sweater hang to your sides on top of top tights or leggings. If you’re looking to dress it up we recommend calf-knee high boots, for more easy-going, casual booties pair perfectly. If you’re looking for the ultimate grunge to glam makeover, black leather leggings will take your sweater for a night on the town.

Most square, scoop and v-neck sweaters can be spiced up with a bralette or tank top with subtle detailing. This feminine touch also works well with simple off-shoulder options, especially if you’re not feeling like dealing with a strapless bra.
On the formal end, oversized sweaters with a skirt or pair of slacks can look sophisticated with a thin belt or decorative waist belt.

Sweaters that tend to be more form flattering can be tucked into skirts to pull a look together in no time. We have recently been crushing on layering sweaters over a solid or plain button down for a traditional work look.

Accessorize to Dramatize

As you may already know, the majority of our articles focus on quick and easy solutions for your frustrating styling dilemmas. Always remember to check what you have on hand instead of potentially breaking the bank on a mad dash to the mall. Become an accessory queen and enhance clothing that often can’t stand alone. The best part- it’s inexpensive.

Winter accessories for styling a sweater tend to lean towards warm mittens, ear warmers, and hats. In fact, these winter essentials are great for keeping you warm but won’t do the trick if you’re trying to create an outfit. Try universal accessories instead like jewelry and belts. Tuck the front of a sweater into a pair of jeans and let the backstay loose, add a statement necklace and heels of choice for the ultimate impression. The same look can be dressed down by swapping out the necklace for a blanket or sheer scarf. Show off your inner fashion guru and try a floppy hat from the summer over tousled hair. For more tips on transitioning your wardrobe to fall read this other post.

We are positive that so many of us are obsessed with shoes because of the possibilities they contain! Since there is such a large variety of shoes in the market, it leaves us with styling options to enhance an outfit or simmer it down. A jean and sweater combination can create two completely different outfits based on the shoe of choice.

When we write our outfit suggestions we like to leave the shoes up to you, so dress for the occasion! If a gray oversized sweater and jeans is all that’s clean in your closet before a date night, those red pumps will do just the trick. Some sweaters can become an accessory on their own.

Plan ahead with a breathable shirt underneath, so you can tie a sweater around your waist for those early fall days. Sweaters and oversized styles won’t be leaving the fashion world anytime soon and knowing how to style them in a variety of ways is essential to not only look great but avoid breaking the bank!

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