The History of Tie-Dye Print
A Alma Sehovic

The History of Tie-Dye Print

Jan 28, 2020

The History of Tie-Dye Print

Hey Filly Flair Fashionistas! Today, I woke up in a funky-fresh mood ready to embrace my inner diva and dress accordingly. As I peeked through my closet feeling out what mood I wanted to portray in my fashion, there were a few pieces that really stood out to me... the funny part is that they were all tie-dye print! (I know, I know... you guessed it!) It's funny to me though because although I enjoy tie-dye print, it's almost never my first pick. Today was not that day for me though - I ended up grabbing a gorgeous blue, gray, and white tie-dye tunic to pair with my favorite ripped skinnies and fringed booties. 

We all know tie-dye is nothing new in the fashion industry, but I've enjoyed seeing its popularity continue to rise over the last couple of years. Tie-Dye print blew up in the fashion industry during the 1960s where it was at it's prime. Viewed as an escape from the rising social standards of the 1950s, tie-dye was a breath of fresh air symbolizing opportunity and uniqueness. 

Tie-dye is an utterly unavoidable trend in the fashion industry right now, and we will only see this trend continue to explode as we move into spring and through the summer months. Tie-dye is sweetly referred to as the animal print of spring/summer and it's easy to see why! Even in these colder months it's popular amongst my favorite fashion blogs and shops. It won't be long before this print explodes in your favorite spring and summer styles. Check out below some of the tie-dye styles available at Filly Flair, and see how we've styled these pieces for the cooler months. 

1. Women's Blue Tie-Dye Tops

Blue is such a gorgeous universal color (bonus: it's also the Color of the Year!) You can find the perfect shade of blue for your skin tone any time of the year which is what makes this color so versatile. It's perfect to use during fall, winter, spring, or summer. We are loving these blue fall/winter tie-dye looks below that are perfect to pair with your favorite jeans and boots. What do you think of these blue tie-dye print tops below? Aren't they perfect for cooler weather? 
blue tie-dye print tops

2. Women's Pink Tie-Dye Tops

If you're looking to wear a bold print in a girly shade then check out these super cute and on-trend pink tie-dye print tops. The best part about tie-dye is being able to find so many different styles in what vibrancy you're looking for: for instance, the tunic on the right is a gorgeous dusty pink and black tie-dye blend while the tunic on the right is bright coral-colored pink and white tie-dye blend. No matter how bold you want your look to be, tie-print is the perfect solution. What do you think of these 3 shades?
women's pink tie-dye print tops

4. Tie-Dye Print Pants

To finish out today's blog check out these adorable tie-dye printed pants perfect for lounging around the house or running quick errands around town! How would you wear these looks?
tie-dye printed women's pants

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