Three Casual Jean Outfits
A Alma Sehovic

Three Casual Jean Outfits

May 18, 2020

Three Casual Jean Outfits

Hey Filly Flair Fashionistas! Welcome back to our bi-weekly fashion and style blog where we chat about all things related to health, beauty, fashion, and current style trends. Today's blog post focuses on three great pairs of denim jeans and different spring tops to pair with them. At Filly Flair, some of our favorite women's spring outfits are a simple pair of jeans with a cute top and casual pair of tennis shoes or sandals. Check out these casual spring women's fashion ideas below and let us know in the comments which looks are your favorites!

1. Distressed Jeans and Lime Tops

One of my favorite colors to wear in the summertime is lime which is why I chose these two tops paired with these super cool summer distressed skinny jeans. Many women are worried about wearing the color lime because they think they can't pull off such a vibrant hue, but the truth it, you can wear anything that you feel confident in! If you like a lime colored dress or top, you should keep your head high and shoulders back to show the world how fabulous you were are. When it comes to summer style, the world is your runway!

lime green spring tops

2. Simple Tops and Long Jeans Shorts

A new fashion trend we've seen take off in the past year is knee length jean shorts. They're actually super fun and fashionable even if not everyone has embraced the idea yet. Because the length is still hitting above the knee, it makes your legs look longer by still showing off your joint and sitting right at the hip bones. We've paired two simple, but chic, women's spring blouses with these jean shorts to really kick summertime fashion up a notch.

cute blouses and jean shorts

3. Floral Printed T-Shirts and Ripped Jeans

If you need an easy outfit to run out the door and handle all of your daily errands then these floral printed tops and easy going ripped skinny jeans are the perfect casual look to wear this summer! Nothing screams spring and summer fashion more than an explosive floral print outfit. Walk into the room bring light and energy along with you. When you dress your best, you also feel your best. Feel your best in Filly Flair this summer.

floral printed tops and spring outfit ideas

Okay Filly Flair ladies, what do you think of today's blog post and these fashionable spring women's outfits? Which pair of jeans or women's summer tops were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! Are there any blogs you would like us to write about in the future? Let us those details as well. Our fashion and style blog is as much for writing about your favorite fashion trends as it for ours. As always, ladies, have a great week and stay out there! We'll catch you on the next blog where we're writing about how to accessorize basic rompers with kimonos and accessories! It's going to be great so check it out this week. Catch you on the next style blog! XOXO

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