Tie Dye – The Happy Design Trend
A Alma Sehovic

Tie Dye – The Happy Design Trend

Jul 7, 2020

Tie Dye – The Happy Design Trend You Need To Embrace

Tie dye fashions are about as American as apple pie. The unmistakable style of tie dye shirts, tops, tanks, shorts and hoodies is just impossible not to love. It makes you smile. It gets attention. It has unlimited designs. And every piece is unique. Exactly everything you’re looking for in cool women’s fashion.

Many people might associate tie dye fashion with the 1960s, which is well-known as an era of innovative (and often crazy) design and fashion, but the practice actually dates back thousands of years! And it’s more exciting and relevant and stylish today than ever before due to advances in the process which allows us to create tie dye designs on literally any kind of fabric and accessory.

tie dye sweaters

The Filly Flair collection of tie dye fashions is proof. Using both bright colors and more subtle designs, Filly Flair has created rainbows of happiness in joggers like our Searching For The Rainbow Jogger. And we can’t possibly leave out our Fun In The Sun Tie Dye Sandals, one of our top sellers, and with good reason.

cute festival looks

Tie dye fashions are truly works of art, and can be created in every imaginable color, design and style, and the result is always a ‘wow!’. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with tie dye… you can dress it casual with jeans or shorts, you can dress it up with accessories, you can take it anywhere.

Filly Flair’s tie dye collection has something for every woman, from striking black-and-white tie dye, to rainbow colors, to subtle pastels. Tie dye long sleeve tops? Yes. Tie dye sports bras? Of course! Tie dye maxi dresses? Absolutely. Tie dye leggings? Step right this way.

We could go on and on and on, but the best idea is to take a look at this incredible collection right here.

Tie dye designs can also accentuate or compliment any body style too, with designs that can make you look taller or slimmer, or that can brighten the whole room wherever you go. And best of all, wearing an amazing piece of tie dye fashion will make you feel brighter, lighter and happier too.

How many times have you seen the ‘same old’ designs, copied over and over? Too many times for sure. One way to make sure this never happens in your wardrobe is to add a few pieces of unique tie dye fashion, and you’ll always be one of a kind. Here at Filly Flair, making you feel special is just what we do.

With fashion reporters confirming that tie dye is one of the hottest fashion trends of 2020, and with A-list celebrities embracing tie dye on runways, at home and in public, tie dye is now on the fashion front line. And you don’t want to miss out on all that happiness, right? Tie dye isn’t ‘back’, it never went away. Our latest tie dye collection makes it easy and breezy to add the year’s hottest fashion trend to your wardrobe now. At Filly Flair of course.

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