Trending: Hair Accessories
A Alma Sehovic

Trending: Hair Accessories

Jan 25, 2020

Trending: Hair Accessories

Hey Filly Flair ladies! How was your weekend? I spent my weekend in Tennessee exploring mountains with my best friends! We made so many great memories and new funny stories. I did NOT want to leave, but alas, we traveled back home to Sioux Falls on Sunday afternoon with fresh pictures and happy souls full of mountain air and clear skies. One thing I remember about being up high in the mountains of Tennessee was how WINDY it was! I kept wishing I had brought a hat or hair tie. Today's blog post is inspired by that minor misfortune. Keep reading to learn about hair accessories, how to wear them, and which ones are trending in 2020. 

1. Cute Hats and Hair Ties

Nothing overcomes a bad hair day like an effortless hat that you can throw on top of wavy tousled locks. For days when you need to pull your hair out of your face and off of your neck, we are loving these buffalo hair ties available in a trio set! These hair ties are so hot right now because they're fancier than your everyday ponytail while also helping to prevent breakage and tangles. Have you ever used these hair ties? Let us know what you think about them in the comments. My friends almost exclusively use them over the standard elastic ponytail holder.
hair accessories

2. Fashion Hair Bows

Lately, I've seen hair bows trending really hard all over my favorite fashion blogs and social platforms. My Pinterest feed is practically nothing but adorable hair bows. As a child, I was obsessed with hair bows, and I had four or five absolute favorite (and gigantic) hair bows that I wore weekly. Seeing this trend come back to life for women has me honestly... VERY excited. What do you think of this new trend for women? Are you loving or hating it? Let us know below!
women's fashion hair bows

3. Dainty Hair Clips

Talk about a trend that practically blew up overnight! Dainty hair clips are everywhere on and off social media. All of my favorite fashion sites and blogs are sporting hair clips in various sizes, styles, and sets. Have you seen these hair clips taking over social media? I'm really loving the idea of dressing up my locks with beautiful pearls and dainty rhinestones. I was never big into accessorizing my hair until these past several months, and now it's hard not to throw in a cute french braid topped with a dainty hair clip. Have you been wearing hair clips lately? Tell us in the comments how you're wearing yours. 
women's dainty hair clips

All in all, accessorizing your hair with cute hats, tangle-free ponytails, fashion hair bows, and dainty hair clips is here to stay! If you haven't jumped on board with this new trend, I suggest embracing it. You might be surprised how quickly you fall in love with accessorizing your gorgeous locks. Hair accessories are the perfect cherry on top to your look, and don't you deserve to look to your best?

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