What Body Type Are You?
A Alma Sehovic

What Body Type Are You?

Jan 4, 2020

What Body Type Are You?

Good morning, Filly Flair Ladies! I've had something on my mind for a few weeks now, and I really feel like it's a great subject to blog about so here we are. I spent some time with a lady a few weeks ago when we were doing a 1-on-1 personal styling session. She felt that she couldn't wear cute clothing because "nothing looked good on her." I could see how defeated she was when it came to fashion and shopping so I made it my mission that day to find two outfits that really complimented her body type. Everyone deserves to feel amazing so it really broke my heart that she was so hesitant to shop with me. We focused on finding the correct silhouettes for her so that she could feel and look her best in clothing.

She ended up being a pear-shaped woman, meaning her upper-body was thinner than her lower body. She had difficulty wearing certain cuts of dresses because she couldn't find pieces that fit her hips and chest at the same time. I noticed she was really drawn to more classicly designed pieces like shift dresses in fabrics without stretch. She had no idea that it was that exact type of dress that would never work for her body type. 

If shopping and fashion make you run for the hills, my first suggestion would be to find out exactly what your body type is. Once you know where your frame falls, you'll have a much better idea of what types of clothing look great on you. There are 4 main body types outlined below:
What body shape are you?

1. Apple: This body type is typically referred to as being top-heavy where you're larger through your stomach, chest, and shoulders and smaller at your hips and legs. Typically women fall into the apple body-type when their bust is 3-4 inches larger than their hips. 

2. Pear: This body type is a reverse of the apple where you'll find you're the fullest through your hips and legs. Your narrowest parts will be through your waist, chest, and shoulders. Your legs tend to be wider, more muscular and full compared to the rest of your body.

3. Hourglass: This body type will have equal proportions throughout your shoulders and hips and have a noticeably defined waist. You are curvy throughout the top and bottom of your body, resembling an hourglass.

4. Rectangular: This body type is typically straight from the front with no significant curvature through the waist or hips. Your rib cage will be the bulk of your curvature and may even be coupled with a wider chest. 

Your body-type all comes down to genetics, though there are certain weight-training exercises that can make minor adjustments here and there. All in all, you don't have control over your body type. All you can do is understand it, love it, and treat it with kindness. Life is way too hard to hate yourself or your body so fall in love with it today. You deserve it!

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