What I Wore Today
A Alma Sehovic

What I Wore Today

Jan 8, 2020

What I Wore Today

Good morning Filly Flair Ladies! Today I woke up to the sun peeking through my blinds casting vertical shadows all over my hardwood floors. I could see the lightest dust in the air glittering in those streaks of sunlight, and I thought to myself, "I'm really so blessed to be in this moment right now." How often do we take waking up and getting up for granted? How often do we take gorgeous mornings like today for granted? Today was not one of those days to be taken for granted. I woke up with an appreciation for how beautiful and precious our world truly is. It was a humbling experience.

That positive energy really got my spirit to soar this morning and so I took those good vibes straight to my closet and started pulling out pieces that made me feel really good. I ended up creating a great outfit perfect for transitioning into spring! Check out this super happy look below.

I started with a beautiful and modern asymmetrical long sleeve bodycon dress in this beautiful calming blue color. My body is pearshaped so it really hugs my curves beautifully and shows confidence. Also, I just knew this seafoam blue color would keep me in good vibes all day long.
cute layered dress and cardigan

Because it's still a little chilly outside, I also threw on this super chic color block neutral cardigan in ivory and mocha. BONUS: the cardigan has pockets! I also love that this cardigan has length to it paired with a shorter and tighter dress. The length takes away from the sexiness of wearing a bodycon by neutralizing this tight bodycon with a loose and casual cardigan. They paired together perfectly for an on the town look!

I then accessorized with these low heeled mocha brown booties that are extremely comfortable! I was able to wear them all day without my feet hurting and I got tons of compliments on them! I love that they're dark enough to avoid dirt stains and scuffs. They're such a perfect bootie for running around doing errands!

After the essential pieces of my outfit were styled together, I reached for my jewelry box to find items I haven't worn in a while, but still deserve the limelight! I settled on this long beaded stone necklace because I felt the beads really came to life against the cool blue tone of my dress. I also added this pearl stone bracelet and giant sunglasses to top everything off. After looking in the mirror and deciding I had put together a stunner outfit for today's adventure, I headed out and took on the world. 
women's accessories

What do you think of today's outfit styling? Are you loving this look or do you wish I would just put it all back in the closet? Either way, let me know in the comments! Are there any blog topics you would like to see us write about in the future? Drop those below as well. As always, ladies, it was wonderful writing for you again! Have a great week and stay safe! XOXO 

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