How To Wear Leggings
L Laura Benson

How To Wear Leggings

Aug 29, 2018

 Whether you think they are pants or not, the majority of us have a deep-rooted love for leggings in one form or another. Thicker than tights, leggings are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing we've come to know. As the cold approaches, we can find even more excuses to create an outfit with leggings.  This essential guide covers the modern techniques of working this comfortable option into your everyday wardrobe.

Leggings Dos & Don’ts:

  1. Don’t- It can be tempting to buy ten pairs of cheap leggings and fill your closet with endless color options, but it may be a short-lived victory. A lot of leggings are not made of quality material and may lead to inevitable rips or become transparent after a few washes. Cheaper varieties also tend to have thin, non-stretch bands that can dig into skin throughout the day.
  2. Do- Think twice when choosing the right pair of underwear to avoid those panty lines. These pesty lines can take any outfit from sophisticated to sloppy.
  3. Do: Different styles of leggings compliment different body types. Long ankle leggings will elongate your frame, and make legs appear slimmer. To-the-knee or mid-calf can create an illusion of wider calves. If you have more full hips, a thicker band will prevent the clothing from digging in or rolling down the top. Above all, wear what's most comfortable for you!
  4. Don’t: Remember that leggings are not the same as tights. Tights are typically “one-size-fits-all.” Leggings, on the other hand, aren’t as lenient because of their thicker material. We recommend trying on a few different sizes or checking the size chart before purchasing. The right pair shouldn't bunch or slip down, but instead nice and snug.
  5. Don’t: Avoid pairing formal blouses with cropped leggings. If you’re going for a formal style, always choose a longer pair with a pair of heels to pull it all together.


Closet Must-Haves:

Due to their popularity, there are a variety of leggings out on the market.  We suggest starting with these styles in your wardrobe:

  1. Bold & Black: It may be obvious, but a pair of quality, comfy, black pair of leggings is a staple every closet needs.
  2. Jeggings: Softer than jeans and thicker than leggings, jeggings are perfect for an outfit that calls for denim without sacrificing comfort.
  3. Metallic: A pair of eye-catching metallic leggings may not have been your first choice, but their bold look will shine during a night out on the town.
  4. Simple Solids: Aside from black, your closet could benefit from a few other neutral options to create more outfits. We’ve been crushing on olives and burgundy for the fall months!
  5. Patterns: Patterned leggings are an inexpensive option when you want to stand out and add some personality to your look.

Outfit Ideas:

Leggings offer more than just a day at home or a trip to the gym. These outfit ideas are excellent examples that leggings can be both chic and casual.

  1. Sport your favorite tee underneath an open vest. If you are working with a plaid or patterned vest, opt for a solid tee to avoid appearing too busy. Need something more elevated? A waterfall vest and form-fitting top are the perfect formal duo. These ensembles pair well with natural-toned riding boots and a cozy pair of leggings.
  1. Oversized sweaters & hoodies: Kickback for a casual day or go to a bonfire with a long sweater or oversized hoodie. Dress these styles up with a pair of buttoned boot socks, leg warmers, layered jewelry, or blanket scarf if you are looking for an extra touch. Rain boots are a cute add-on for those cloudy fall days
  1. A flowing tunic or high-low top is a flattering option that takes minimal time to throw together. Combat the cold with a pair of high-knee boots and blanket scarf.
  1. A current trend is a bomber jacket matched with some cute sneakers. A tight tee and leggings underneath this beloved duo will ensure your frame doesn’t get lost.
  1. Stand out while staying comfortable with a patterned metallic jegging and simple monochrome top. These bright bottoms are enough to turn heads, so we like to keep accessories simple and boots short.
  1. Out for a day of errands? Denim jackets pair great with a white tee and blanket scarf. Throw your hair up in a ponytail or underneath a hat, and you went from shabby to chic in a few seconds!

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