Big Coat Energy
A Alma Sehovic

Big Coat Energy

Nov 2, 2019

Big Coat Energy

Hey Filly Flair Ladies! 
Today on the blog we're chatting about BIG COAT ENERGY! Basically, the temperatures are dropping and all we can think about is whipping up some hot chocolate, sitting by bonfires, and parading around in our favorite winter layers (which obviously includes thick warm coats!) What are some of your favorite things to do during the winter holidays? For me, I love to see the Christmas lights and to go ice skating with my family. As any Northern lady knows, this time of the year starts to get cold super quickly - you'll need to pull out those winter clothes to keep your body warm and toasty.
Because of the dropping temperatures, it's time to pull out your FAVORITE big fluffy and full jackets to keep you toasty this winter season. The faster the temperatures drop, the faster we're jumping on the big coat train, so join Filly Flair in all of the fun of #BigCoatEnergy! 
So what exactly is Big Coat Energy? Well, at Filly Flair we like to call this trend exactly as we see it: the bigger the coat, the better! Think FULL, WARM, and FUZZY! Honestly, the bigger and fluffier the sweater, the better! It's officially sweater weather so let's dive into some of our new arrivals and what we forecast the winter 2019 fashion trends to be this season. 

1. Thick Neutral Fuzzy Sweaters

big comfy sweater
YES! We are loving this look. It's so easy to pair with jeans or leggings and a cute printed scarf. You could use accessories to add color to your look or stick to chic and sophisticated classy neutrals. Whatever you decide is sure to be perfect for your winter look! 

2. Oversized Sweaters

pink fall sweater
Cute oversized sweaters are one of our favorite fashion 2019 trends right now. Again we say, the bigger the better! You can wear this look out over jeans and leggings OR you could even grab a cute belt and accessorize your comfy sweater by tucking in the front to a great pair of jeans and pairing with a super cool belt! Throw on a long necklace and you are dressed and ready!

3. Sherpa Fuzzy Sweaters

sherpa fuzzy sweater
These sweaters are literally the best in the world! Why you ask? They're so soft and are excellent at retaining heat! These beauties are so easy to wear, you genuinely don't even have to dress them up to look great! Throw it on for the coldest winter days and be confident knowing you still look put together.
So ladies, which of these is your favorite trend? Let us know in the comments, and like always, let us know if there are any topics you would like us to write about in next week's blog. As for now, stay sweet AND warm Filly Flair ladies! We are so grateful to have you here on our blog. Please don't hesitate to say hello! 
Have a great weekend, ladies! Make the most of it! Catch you next week!

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