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Stylish Women's Necklaces

Chic meets vintage and vintage meets class. There are countless ways to describe our necklaces at Filly Flair. These necklace styles are perfect for any occasion, taking you from a day at the office to a classic night on the town. Browse from round-shaped semi-precious stone necklaces that offer a casual elegance that's appropriate for any occasion. The stone sizes, shapes and colors may vary, giving you a unique look that is one of a kind. Keep the beauty of a summer day year-round with our vibrant, bold turquoise options.

Dainty and versatile enough to be layered with other pieces, these necklaces are made with various precious stones and dazzling chains. The perfect accessory for any outfit. These must-have necklaces combine an edgy look with an organic vibe to create a unique, stylish accent - just the thing to perk up your collection! Additionally, our trendy and elegant women's necklaces are hypoallergenic - lead-free and nickel-free, so it’s safe for sensitive skin use. As a result, you will feel comfortable wearing these fashionable pieces all day long.

Many of our jewelry pieces are designed for a cable chain setting and have attached precious stones with a lobster claw clasp. A timeless addition to any jewelry collection, these gemstones, including rose quartz and turquoise, are sure to give you that natural, earth-tone feel. Truly make your colors pop with the gold or silver-colored base. In addition our beautiful collection of necklaces for women is full of stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. So whether you are looking for the right necklace to accent your favorite dress or you just want to add something versatile to your jewelry collection, our selection provides an array of lengths, colors and materials.