How to Rock Americana
A Alma Sehovic

How to Rock Americana

May 15, 2019

Hey, ladies!

If you haven’t seen or heard from me before, I’m the Digital Content Specialist at Filly Flair. What does that mean?! Some days, I don’t even know, but I’ve taken and edited thousands of model photos and created hundreds of posts on Filly Flair’s Instagram and Facebook Page. I've even appeared in a few fit videos and Facebook Live sales from time to time. The most exciting part of my job, though, is getting to see thousands of products come through our warehouse doors. This means I have a little insight on what products are the best of the best! I, too, have spent hundreds of dollars at this boutique!

Today, our blog focuses on all things Americana! I am going to show you a classier, more dressed up look, a more festive outfit, an all out 'Merica get-up, and a casual look. Not all the items you wear have to be exactly red, white, and blue.

For my first outfit, I picked out something very classy, but also fun. I am 34, so this is something more age appropriate for me. It’s basically a halter, sweater-like sleeveless top. It has bottom side slits for a more flattering fit and I love to tuck so this also makes it easier for that. I believe in having a good go-to black and brown belt. This double buckle is a classic; we’ve literally sold hundreds of them. Honestly, these Kan Can jeans are from last summer, but we’ve been getting in more jeans than ever before. I’m in love with lots of distress and a lighter color for summer, which are easy to find at Filly these days. The star earrings are very outgoing for me, but after pairing them with a simpler top I fell in love. Did I mention, the necklace is our own Filly Flair brand?! You can find this one and a dozen more on our website.

My second choice is by far my favorite outfit in this blog post! Can we first talk about bodysuits?! They may be a pain when going to the bathroom, but my back end doesn’t hang out when I sit down and that’s all that matters! This one is ribbed, which makes it super stretchy and has an adorable ruffle sleeve. I have a short torso so it’s easier for me to find ones that fit. FYI, this bodysuit also came in red is nearly sold out! I’m not one to wear kimonos or a poncho-style one like this, but it’s an amazing touch if you’re not dealing with your children all day. I wen’t with neutral white leather earrings with a fine chain detail, which are made by a lady locally in South Dakota. I also went with a more neutral necklace so I didn’t contend with the pattern of the kimono.

The next outfit is WAY out of my comfort zone, although sometimes I try to pretend for a day that I’m someone I’m not! I would find myself wearing this to a concert, probably a country one to fit in! The first things that stand out are the necklace and headband. I never knew about squash blossom necklaces until I started working at Filly Flair, but I’m all about chunky statement pieces so I absolutely love them and we have plenty to choose from. We just recently started getting printed headbands. They typically never stay on my small head, but these ones are stretchy and you can tie them so I feel it leaves you more in control of how you can wear them. I wore mine around my head not to mess up my hair because I rarely make time to do it. You can wear them a million different ways, including over a pony which is one of my faves. I paired this outfit with some big hoops and, once again, the same bodysuit because I’m in love. This pointelle coral colored cardigan has sold out several times; Staccato brand is royalty around this place. If you could see my feet, you would find a pair of cute boho style sandals!

Finally, I found a more casual outfit for the mom who actually has to pick up her kids, change diapers, and keep them from climbing the stairs! This tee is cotton, which I prefer. It has simple stars mixed with stripes on the sleeves for a dressed down look. I tuck everything to give it a little more structure since I’m only 5’2”. This outfit would be pretty boring if you didn’t have the shoes. I love these picnic style tennis shoes that you can throw on and go, which also come in navy and black. I left out any jewelry for this one, because really, my kids are just going to suck on them or pull them off.

I hope you find something you like and just the right look for your Memorial Day or July 4 fun!

XO, Jill

*** For reference, I am 5'2", a 34B, and wear a size small in most tops and size 5 in most jeans. ***

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K Kelly Jones
Oct 22, 2019

Love Filly Flair!!!