A Amelia Davis


Oct 6, 2020


We are already a week into October! As the seasons change, it is time to make room in your closet or wardrobe. You know what that means! It’s time to face the skeletons in your closet, I mean the pieces you will never wear again but you can’t seem to let go. You know which ones! We are all spending more time at home and that means finally tackling the tasks we seem to always place on the back-burner. Organizing closets may come natural to some, but for most, it’s daunting. We’re here to help!

When cleaning out your closest, the goal or objective is to make an everyday ensemble more efficiently without stress, so that you can spend less time getting dressed in the morning and more time on your coffee and newspaper! You will feel so relieved once your closet is clean and simplified. It only takes 3 steps!

Step One: “One man’s junk, is another man’s treasure”

You knew it was coming! It’s time for a closet clear-out. It’s time to let go of those outdated jeans or the dress you were gifted that you simply will never wear in public. Get rid of everything that you have not worn in 18 months! If you did not wear it last fall, then you aren’t going to wear it this fall. You can make exception for formal wear and coats which may be needed in the future. Go full on Marie Kondo! If there is no joy, toss it! A great way to get rid of unwanted items is by donating to a charity or donation closet.


Step Two: Start with a Clean Slate

Start with a bare, empty closet. This includes shoes and other items you stash in there. It’s not until you do this that you can know for certain what has been hiding behind closed doors! You may just find a surprise or two. Starting with a clean slate will help you create a Pinterest ready wardrobe.

Step Three: All Systems are Go

Create a system that is best suited for your lifestyle. For some, that may mean organizing by season. For you, that may look like organizing by category or color! This part is completely up to your preference and need. The easiest way to organize your space is to keep your most reached items in the center or middle of the rack. It’s all about simplifying! The less time it takes you to pick out the right outfit, the more time you have to spend preparing for your day ahead.

BONUS: Labeling

If you love your label maker, you’re probably already doing this! Labeling your closet space or drawers can be a huge time saver.

We hope you found some of these tips to be helpful! You will feel so relieved once you get your closet or wardrobe looking ready for its Instagram debut. What are you waiting for? Get started! Have some helpful tips? Leave them in the comment section below! Remember to sign up four our newsletter to stay in the loop about exciting news and more.

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