Nostalgia in Fall
A Alma Sehovic

Nostalgia in Fall

Aug 11, 2020

Nostalgia in Fall

Today’s blog post is going to bring some serious nostalgia. It’s all about vintage, darling! You know what they say, fashion has a way of coming back around. And in the year 2020, the fashion industry predicts that nostalgia will be all the rage this autumn. So, get out that Aqua Net hairspray and jot some notes on your Lisa Frank notepad on the next hot throw-back trends for 2020. From the ’60s to the 2000s, These looks will be FAR OUT yet so IN.


Okay ladies, hope you have that acid-washed denim mini waiting in the back of your wardrobe because acid-washed jeans are BACK and ready to rock. Yes, you heard right, denim on denim is officially socially acceptable once again so lets totally hit the mall, or our Filly Flair boutique! Pair this with one of our choker necklaces and you are all set!

80s Fashion Magazine


This Fall is all about the leather jacket. Black is back (not that it ever really went out of style) and we couldn’t be more psyched. Pair this with one of our favorite Filly Flair jeans and you truly have a timeless outfit.


Ladies, you can read that again- FRINGE. Rihanna and Beyonce confirmed this trend for Autumn 2020 and we are freaking out. Fringe is all over the streets of Paris and Milan. Imagine, fringe dresses in gorgeous Fall colors. We’re talking marigold, plumb, deep blue, and copper. Think jewel tones.

Fashion Models

Knee-high BOOTS.

These boots were made for walking the runway and that is exactly what we are seeing for Fall 2020 shoe trends. This Mod mid-calf will be seen in matte black as well as color pops including deep reds and greens. Think 70’s mod fashion meets modern-day fall fashion. We can dig it!

Choker Necklaces.

Statement choker necklaces are back in style in the year 2020, as is any 90’s accessory trend seen on Phoebe Buffay such as large earrings, pearls, and cuff bracelets. Get out your FRIENDS DVD’s because we’re partying like it’s 1999. Could that BE more exciting?


Sheer and tulle looks are flooding the city of Tokyo, Japan, and the fashion industry is thrilled for what this means for the U.S Fall 2020 style predictions. We are talking about that early 2000s day-to-night effortless look. Think layers! Think Britney, think Jennifer Anniston.

Jennifer Aniston


Okay, ladies, hear us out. Remember those little pillbox hats? Think Jackie Kennedy. Think retro. That’s right, this look is predicted to be back and better than ever this cold season. Imagine a leopard print hat and a pair of round over-sized sunnies. This look is going to be HUGE.

Lastly, Ponchos.

Ponchos and capes are being worn by every supermodel right now! Imagine that once preppy and neat trend more relaxed and a little lazy. Draping silhouettes are seen to be the next hot Winter trend this year including capes and ponchos. Everyone wants to look well put together without having to spend valuable time creating the perfect look and that’s why ponchos are going to be the new working woman’s fashion savior. This look has the conveniences of yesteryear’s coat with even more comfort and ease and none of the hassle.

Fall/Winter Coat Inspiration

Don’t forget PRINTS. From Plaid to animal, prints are everything this Fall.

We hope this little look into the future (or back to the future?) will provide you that needed boost of fashion inspiration. I don’t know about you but we are SO ready for fall! Anyone else feel like watching Pretty In Pink and drinking a Tab?

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