Summer Transition
L Laura Benson

Summer Transition

Sep 3, 2018

Not ready for the chill of autumn’s winds? Or to fork over big bucks for a new wardrobe? Luckily, there is no need. This fashion-savvy manual is intended to shift your summer wardrobe smoothly into fall fashion without tucking your cherished summer clothes away.

The first step to avoid an expensive online shopping haul is to leave those stingy “fashion rules” in 2017. Instead of questioning white after Labor Day or open-toed heels, remember that feeling and being your best is what matters! Some of our favorite outfits include a navy bottom and black top, and we have zero apologies. As long as you are warm and comfortable, don’t worry about those silly guidelines. No matter what the trends say!

Combining Colors Palettes

As the leaves turn from soft green to deep tones does fall styles.  Plum, ocher, olive, purple, magenta and other jewel tones are beginning to make an appearance as October appears. If the majority of your clothes are pastel and neon hues, don’t worry! You may only need a few earthy pieces to pull it all together.

That favorite mint green dress that you bought for a summer occasion? Pair it with black tights and a camel scarf for a simple, sophisticated pairing.


South Dakota is infamous for delivering unexpected weather most, if not all, days of the year. It could snow in the morning followed by sunny and 75 in the afternoon. Our erratic weather has tailored us to become experts in the field of layering. We favor light-weight overlays instead of thick sweaters and cardigans. Layering warm sweaters and chunky cardigans can shelter you against the cold air, but be prepared to get toasty once you enter room temperatures.  Breathable pieces are more manageable to take on and off throughout the day for any shift in climate.


Staple pieces may favor bright pinks in the summer followed by deep purples in the fall, but universal colors are presumed to save you more money in the long term. No matter the season you’re in, look for neutrals over season preferred colors when shopping for essentials like jackets or handbags.

All of your summer options can upgrade a fall outfit by having just a few staple pieces on hand!


A well-fit blazer is great for many occasions like a black blazer over a summer blouse for a day at work.


Leggings are just what your summer dresses are missing. They also pair well with tunics, skirts and or warm weather option. Tights also work well to add texture and pattern for outfits lacking some luster. If you have a denim skirt, pair it with some tights, a knit sweater, and booties for a night or day look. For more on styling leggings, read our guide here.

Denim Jacket:

Regular or distressed denim jackets can go over practically any foundation piece like a white v-neck or a patterned summer tank top. This casual yet chic style works great for daytime outfits like a trip to the pumpkin patch or weekend brunch.


Many of your outfits could be stuck in summer trends merely from your choice of shoe!  A common theme of mid-summer styles lies in exposed legs and bright pedicures. Once you swap out your shorts for jeans and sandals for a cute pair of tall boots, you may already be good to go!


A perfect overlay option for a floral or pastel tank top. As covered before, we suggest lightweight cardigans when layering to avoid heating up quickly. Equipping your closet with a black, gray, navy, or nude cardigan will polish up any fall look.

Summer Pieces Meet Fall Style

Now that we listed our favorite staples, we want to prove how some of the most unreasonable transition pieces are a piece of cake!

 The Sundress:

It may not be the prime choice for a January blizzard, but a sundress is a first-class option for fall occasions in early months. Grab your denim or leather jacket and heeled boots, and you’re off to a concert or baby shower.

 A Maxi:

Dress it up with heeled wedges or play it down with cute sneakers. Add a scarf for long sleeved options or cover your shoulders with a sleek jacket. Dress it up more with a statement necklace.


We’re wondering how jumpsuits are just now peaking into fall wardrobes. Long soft bottoms and often very comfortable, this convenient choice works in all seasons. All this outfit needs is a blazer for any short sleeves.

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