Trend Spotlight: Flared Jeans
A Alma Sehovic

Trend Spotlight: Flared Jeans

Nov 5, 2019

Trend Spotlight: Flare Jeans

Hola Filly Flair Ladies! Today I'm feeling a little spunky - almost like I'm in the mood to set some fashion trends! So what better to highlight on today's blog post than one of my favorite current fashion trends: flared jeans! This trend takes us straight back to the 60s where bell bottoms skyrocketed in popularity. My grandma laughs now thinking back on how BIG the bells on her pants used to be. It's too bad they didn't have social media back then - imagine the pictures we would get to see of our grandparents and parents living their best lives!

Back to the flares... when I was child in the 1990s, I wouldn't wear jeans unless they had a wide flared-leg, so you know how delighted I am that they're back on trend again! My go-to outfit was always flared-jeans, a tube-top, and bright red lipstick. Honestly, at 8 years old, you couldn't tell me anything. (Fun Fact: I still wear the red lipstick almost daily.)

The good news about this super fun fashion trend is that we have a ton of flared-jean options available on the site! Whatever color or wash of jeans you're looking for this season, I'm confident we can please your needs! What I love about this trend is that it can be really flattering on any body type. The flares and high waist style elongate the leg when they hit your body correctly. You want to find a pair with a high rise, tight fit throughout the hips, and a flare that starts right around the knee. Check out some of the current flared jeans styles available here.

dark wash flared jeans
When it comes to styling flared jeans, there are so many ways you can go about this great trend to really get the most out of your favorite pairs! For fall and winter, throw on one of your favorite oversized sweaters and tuck in the front to your flared jeans. Add a great belt and jewelry - your look is basically complete! For spring and summer, pairing your flared jeans with a crop top or lightweight basic top would be a super easy and chic look. Next, throw on a kimono and some fun summer accessories for a look that will surely turn heads!

medium wash flared jeans

There truly are endless ways to style a great pair of flared-jeans. True fashionistas don't necessarily follow the norms - they pave their own ways in the fashion community. Let us know how to you style your favorite flared-jeans. From fashionista to fashionista, the feedback is always welcome!

As always ladies, we absolutely appreciate yall as customers and readers. Whether you've shopped with us 100x or this is your first day on the site, welcome to our Filly Flair family. We are so happy you're here. If there are any blog topics you would like us to write about in the future, let us know down below in the comments. We welcome your thoughts, opinions, and feedback! Let's all grow together in the fashion community. 


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